It’s been quite some time…but we can now share a new Caro Emerald tune. Quicksand is the first song Caro and her team have finished for the new album (more news soon!) and we couldn’t wait any longer to play it to you.
We are really proud of it and we hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it. Dubby, beat driven and catchy; Quicksand provides a glimps inside the new sound Caro Emerald and her creative team are working on. Curious? Listen to Quicksand through the link below!
Tour Dates - 2015   
18/05/2015 Akasaka Blitz Tokyo, Japan
19/05/2015 Blue Note Club Tokyo, Japan SOLD OUT
20/05/2015 Blue Note Club Tokyo, Japan SOLD OUT
23/05/2015 Seoul Jazz Festival Seoul, South-Korea
10/06/2015 Capitol Hannover, Germany
11/06/2015 Jam Days Festival Odense, Denmark
19/06/2015 Natuurtheater Kersouwe Bernheze, The Netherlands
27/06/2015 Liesthal Air Liestal, Switzerland
04/07/2015 Open-Air_Bhne am Mercedes-Benz Museum Stuttgart, Germany
08/07/2015 Kew Gardens Richmond
10/07/2015 Badpop Waarland, The Netherlands
11/07/2015 Bospop Weert, The Netherlands