Deleted Scenes From The Cutting Room Floor – Acoustic Sessions – 12″ Vinyl (Limited+Numbered)


12″ 180 grams vinyl – colored vinyl – numbered – limited edition – 45rpm

After the successful EP ‘The Shocking Miss Emerald: Acoustic Sessions’ (2013) we decided to record a sequel.

Armed with a Binson Echorec (an infamous Italian echo machine from the early 50’s which breaks down a lot) and a vintage Ampex reel-to-reel recorder from 1958, Caro, David and Jan recorded 8 songs the traditional way: Caro and two musicians in one room, no headphones, straight to tape. Oldest trick in the book, and it still works.

Personell: Caro Emerald (vox), Wieger Hoogendorp (guitar), Jeroen Vierdag (upright bass), David Schreurs (producer/drums/percussion), Gino Groeneveld (percussion), Jan van Wieringen (producer/mix engineer), Kasper Frenkel (recording engineer)

Track listing:

A1 – Riviera Life
A2 – Dr. Wanna Do
A3 – A Night Like This
A4 – Just One Dance

B1 – I Know That He’s Mine
B2 – You Don’t Love Me
B3 – Back it Up
B4 – The Lipstick On His Collar

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