Emerald Island EP (CD)



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Grandmono Records proudly presents Caro Emerald’s new ‘Emerald Island EP’ on March 24. The EP is especially produced for Caro’s biggest tour to date; ‘The Emerald Island Tour which will kick off in The UK on March 28 in Carlisle.

The EP is produced by David Schreurs and Jan van Wieringen and contains six new tracks. Among these tracks are the dubby song ‘Never Ever’, the new single ‘Whatchugot’ and two instrumental tracks. The songs are co-written by Vincent Degiorgio and Guy Chambers. Both the tour and the EP are inspired by Exotica, a musical genre from the 50/60’s which contains exotic sounds and instruments.

Tracklisting CD:

1. Tahitian Skies
2. The Ghost Of You
3. Never Ever
4. Exotic Flu
5. Whatchugot
6. The Dark